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IP54 Protection Level Intermediate Frequency Induction Furnace 380V/220V

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Yushun
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Customized
Detail Information
Size: Customized Warranty: 1 Year
Voltage: 380V/220V Cooling Mode: Air Cooling/Water Cooling
Frequency: 50/60Hz Heating Speed: Fast
Type: Intermediate Frequency Furnace Control Mode: PID/Siemens
High Light:

IP54 Induction Furnace


380V/220V Intermediate Frequency Induction Furnace


IP54 Intermediate Frequency Induction Furnace

Product Description

Product Description:

The Intermediate Frequency Furnace is a state-of-the-art induction heating system designed for a wide range of metallurgical applications. It is a versatile piece of equipment that serves as an Intermediate Frequency Heating Furnace, Intermediate Frequency Forge Furnace, and Intermediate Frequency Alloying Furnace. This furnace is engineered to meet the needs of modern foundries, forges, and research facilities that require precision heating and alloying capabilities.

At the heart of this furnace lies the power supply that is designed to operate on alternating current (AC), ensuring that it can be easily integrated into most industrial settings without the need for specialized power sources. The AC power supply is robust and reliable, providing consistent energy to the furnace for uninterrupted operation. This is particularly important in industrial environments where downtime can be costly.

The Intermediate Frequency Furnace employs induction heating as its core heating mode. Induction heating is a non-contact method that generates heat within the material itself, as opposed to external heating. This method offers numerous advantages including rapid heating, improved thermal efficiency, and better control over the heating process. The induction heating system is capable of reaching the precise temperatures required for complex metallurgical processes.

One of the key features of this furnace is the warranty that accompanies it. Customers can have peace of mind with a 1-year warranty that covers parts and labor for any defects in manufacturing or workmanship. This commitment to quality ensures that users can rely on the Intermediate Frequency Furnace to deliver consistent performance and durability.

Cooling is an essential aspect of any furnace operation, and the Intermediate Frequency Furnace incorporates both air cooling and water cooling systems to manage the high temperatures generated during operation. Air cooling is an efficient method for moderate heat dissipation, while water cooling is used for more rigorous cooling needs. The dual cooling system ensures that the furnace remains at optimal operating temperatures, thereby extending the life of the components and maintaining the safety of the operation.

Control is paramount when it comes to precision heating applications, and the Intermediate Frequency Furnace comes equipped with sophisticated control modes. Users can choose between PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) control and Siemens control systems. PID control is a tried and tested method that provides stable and accurate temperature control, which is vital for processes that require exacting standards. For those preferring advanced technology, Siemens control offers high-tech solutions that can be integrated with other Siemens automation products, providing a seamless operation experience.

The versatility of this furnace makes it ideal for a range of applications. As an Intermediate Frequency Heating Furnace, it is perfect for general heating tasks where uniformity and control are crucial. When functioning as an Intermediate Frequency Forge Furnace, it provides the high temperatures and rapid heating necessary to forge metals to desired shapes and properties. Lastly, as an Intermediate Frequency Alloying Furnace, it allows for precise alloying processes where specific temperatures and mixing conditions are needed to create alloys with exact characteristics.

Overall, the Intermediate Frequency Furnace represents a significant advancement in induction heating technology. It combines power, precision, and versatility to meet the demands of modern metallurgy. With its robust AC power supply, efficient induction heating mode, reassuring 1-year warranty, effective cooling systems, and advanced control options, this furnace is set to become an invaluable asset for any operation looking to enhance their heating and alloying capabilities.


  • Product Name: Intermediate Frequency Furnace
  • Temperature Range: 0-1200℃
  • Heating Mode: Induction Heating
  • Size: Customized
  • Power Supply: AC
  • Voltage: 380V/220V
  • Also known as Intermediate Frequency Steel Furnace
  • Can be used as Intermediate Frequency Smelting Furnace
  • Functions as Intermediate Frequency Refining Furnace

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Material High Quality Steel
Heating Speed Fast
Heating Mode Induction Heating
Protection Level IP54
Temperature Range 0-1200℃
Warranty 1 Year
Control Mode PID/Siemens
Frequency 50/60Hz
Type Intermediate Frequency Furnace
Cooling Mode Air Cooling/Water Cooling


The Yushun Intermediate Frequency Furnace, a highly efficient and reliable melting and heating solution, is a versatile product originating from China. This furnace is designed to cater to a wide range of industrial applications where precise and controllable heating is required. The tailor-made approach of Yushun ensures that each Intermediate Frequency Furnace is customized to meet specific customer needs, with a minimum order quantity of just one unit.

With its competitive price, the Yushun Intermediate Frequency Furnace aligns with various budget requirements, offering a customized costing model that reflects the unique specifications and configuration of each order. Operating at a voltage of 380V/220V and powered by an AC power supply, this furnace is adaptable to multiple electrical systems, making it suitable for a broad spectrum of industrial environments.

The Intermediate Frequency Heating Furnace by Yushun employs induction heating, a clean and efficient method that provides rapid and uniform temperature rise, essential for high-quality metallurgical outcomes. This technology is particularly beneficial in scenarios where precise control over the melting process is paramount, such as in the production of specialized alloys, metals treatment, and foundry operations.

Yushun's commitment to quality is evident in the 1-year warranty offered with each Intermediate Frequency Furnace, assuring customers of dependable performance and peace of mind. The customizable size of the furnace enables it to fit into various industrial spaces, whether it’s a large manufacturing floor or a compact workshop, ensuring that space constraints do not impede operational efficiency.

Application occasions for the Yushun Intermediate Frequency Melting Furnace range from metalworking and foundries to automotive and aerospace parts manufacturing. Its robust design and advanced heating technology make it suitable for melting ferrous and non-ferrous metals, refining precious metals, and even heat treatment processes such as annealing, tempering, and hardening. The Intermediate Frequency Heating Furnace is also an excellent choice for educational and research institutions that require a reliable heating source for experiments and material testing.

In summary, the Yushun Intermediate Frequency Furnace is an indispensable tool for industries that demand high-quality melting and heating processes. Its made-in-China origin, customizable specifications, and excellent warranty terms make it an attractive option for businesses looking to enhance their production capabilities with a cost-effective and efficient furnace solution.


Brand Name: Yushun

Place of Origin: China

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Price: Customized

Power Supply: AC

Temperature Range: 0-1200℃

Size: Customized

Cooling Mode: Air Cooling/Water Cooling

Control Mode: PID/Siemens

The Yushun Intermediate Frequency Alloying Furnace is designed for precision alloying processes, offering customizable features to meet your specific metal processing needs. Engineered in China, this Intermediate Frequency Metal Furnace can handle a temperature range of 0-1200℃ and is available in a size that is tailored to your requirements. Whether you need a single unit or multiple furnaces, we accept a minimum order quantity of just one. Our Intermediate Frequency Melting Furnace utilizes an efficient cooling system that can be either air-cooled or water-cooled, and it features advanced control modes including PID and Siemens for precise temperature management. Please contact us for a customized price quote for your Intermediate Frequency Furnace product needs.

Support and Services:

Our Intermediate Frequency Furnace comes with comprehensive technical support and services designed to ensure your equipment operates at peak performance. Our support includes access to our team of experienced engineers who can assist with any technical queries you may have regarding the operation or maintenance of your furnace.

Our services include:

  • Installation guidance and support to ensure your furnace is set up correctly for optimal functionality.
  • Operational training to help your staff understand how to operate the furnace safely and efficiently.
  • Troubleshooting assistance to quickly resolve any operational issues that may arise, minimizing downtime.
  • Maintenance advice to help you keep your furnace in top condition, prolonging its lifespan and maintaining high performance.
  • Software updates and upgrades when available.

In addition to reactive support, we offer preventative services that help identify and resolve potential issues before they impact your operations:

  • Regular maintenance checks and servicing to ensure your furnace continues to run smoothly.
  • Performance analysis and optimization consultations to ensure your furnace is operating at its maximum efficiency.

Our goal is to provide you with the support and services you need to get the most out of your Intermediate Frequency Furnace. We are committed to delivering excellence in both our products and our customer support.

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